George Koury

George Koury

Psychic Medium & Angel Messenger

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George is an International Psychic Medium and Angel Messenger.  He had a powerful mystical experience at 5 years of age with a visitation from an Angel.  From that first moment George had an unfolding of psychic abilities that expanded to include communication with departed loved ones.  He received training from his maternal Grandmother, a gifted Medium.  George began his work life as a professional clown with Ringling Brothers Circus and as an instructor at the Ringling Brothers Clown College.  He spent nearly 15 years on the road with various circuses and with a one-person show.  It was during this time that he discovered the vital importance of a sense of humor on the spiritual path, and in all aspects of life.

George conducts Mediumship demonstrations across the US and in England.  George is a guest instructor and Medium at the 100-year-old village of Psychic Mediums, Lily Dale, NY, where he offers demonstrations at their spiritual services.   He has written extensively on spiritual topics and is a contributor to such publications as the British magazine,
“3rd I”.

George offers private and group readings and classes and makes regular appearances on radio and television. He is respected for his ability to communicate with departed loved ones and Angels with accuracy, compassion and a great sense of humor.

“I am dedicated to serving Spirit and all living beings.”

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