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Operational Team

Brandon Russ

Founder of Spirit Tree Connections
Brandon’s path has been profound to the formation of the talent, vision and delivery of the vibe of Spirit Tree Connections. As a practitioner, he delivers classes/workshops on Intuitive Development and Intuitive Living. He uses tools of Mediumship, as well as practical applications as a credentialed Recovery Coach and Spiritual and Intuitive Counselor. Find out more about Brandon here.

Brandon is involved with development of students as well as Mindfulness in the classroom and several other series.

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Heidi Calhoun

 Events/Operations Management,
Owner at SpecEd Solutions
SpecEd Solutions, LLC
Heidi has over 15 years as a small business owner and manages training, events, operations and other knowledge-based deliveries at Spirit Tree Connections. She understands the market well and is a muse to many in the industry for delivering ideas and practical delivery. She is also involved in the co-creation of STC Mindfulness in the Classroom and brings her expertise with local school districts to this very important program. She looks forward to bringing a new, special kind of program to her school districts and others around the state/country. The perspective she delivers is valuable to the future development of students and customers alike.

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Dr. Rani Gandham

Pediatrician, Reiki Master, Mind+Body Clinic, Hypnosis, Lactation Consultant and
Integrative Health Services for Children and Families

Rani Gandham is a practicing general pediatrician for over 20 years in the Capital District. After 12 years of a traditional practice, Dr Gandham felt like she was treating the smoke instead of the fire.  Searching for new ways of integrating non prescription method of treatment and prevention, led her to her passion. Her focus has been on child and adult wellness. She currently hold certifications as a Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, chair yoga and lactation consultant. 

Dr. Gandham holds laughing yoga classes, visits other pediatric offices as a consultant for pediatric wellness and stress reduction for the staff.  She has a general pediatric practice in Schenectady. 

Rani is  an active member at Spirit Tree Connections, bringing all her expertise in the medical world, along with  leading meditations, stress relief classes, yoga workshops and much more!  She is also co-creator to Mindfulness in the Classroom Series, a unique mindfulness program offered by Spirit Tree Connections, to school districts. 

Dr. Gandham is married with a son and daughter in law. Spending time with family and anything in the great out doors brings her joy.

Contact Rani direct at:

Toni Craft

Reiki Master/Teacher, Metaphysical, Shop Management at Reiki Rocks

Toni is a master/teacher and instructor for all levels of Reiki. Her knowledge base is metaphysical and personal healing. With over 10 years of experience in the healing arts, she delivers workshops on healing crystals and fairy house creation, and is qualified to lead guest speakers and adventures. 
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