Brandon Russ

Brandon Russ

About Our Founder

Brandon Russ is the founder of Spirit Tree Connections. His vision has been vital to both the formation of the creative healing energy center and the vibe and delivery of all things Spirit Tree. Integrity, kindness and empowerment are key ingredients in everything we do here, and Brandon integrates all these values into education delivery and management. He works closely with each facet of web and marketing, product delivery, brand development, product development and vibe of the vision. 
Spiritual Counseling

As a practitioner, Brandon delivers workshops on Intuitive Development, Intuitive Living and Indigo Parenting. He works closely with Indigo parents and Soul Path for both men and women to help redefine and balance their responsibilities in their lives and passions. He uses tools of mediumship as well as practical applications as a credentialed Recovery Coach and Spiritual/Intuitive Counselor.
Empowerment Through Meditation

He holds events and workshops around the world, holding Wellness retreats in local venues in upstate NY and promoting Intuitive Living and becoming the best version of yourself. Other events include Evenings of Mediation and Messages, as well as Guided Music Meditations. All of his events include Empowerment for the individuals in attendance, to go out and be the light they are meant to shine for the world to see. As a Co-Creating Host, he is the mediator of the Guest Speaker Series, has a weekly meditation podcast and is developing a syndicated radio platform.
Creativity & Performance Management

As a consultant, he works with companies to regain their positive flow of what makes them great. He facilitates management seminars and team creativity visions. He approaches the team/company concept by assuming that each individual has something vested in the company beyond a paycheck. With over 15 years as a director in the staffing industry, he knows how to create an environment of productive and desired employees … and promotes performance in a way the company simply can’t see yet.
Publications & Resources

Brandon has also produced and performed on Meditation Recordings (iTunes) and is the author of the forthcoming book, Return on Energy (Balboa). This book begins the conversation on what energy is to the human life and how Empaths are affected, how to create and combine your passions, emotions and challenges into your life of triumph and success.
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